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you voted. Lifting the color is somewhat less damaging on hair than bleach, and offers more control as to the exact shade. However, using bleach gives you the beachy-blonde look much quicker–with lift you have to do several applications to get the "paleness" of blonde desired.

“The best way of going lighter from a natural dark color is to do highlights. If your hair is virgin (hasn’t been colored before) then you can get up to four shades lighter without using bleach. If you want to lighter than that, or you have color on your hair, bleach is the only option.

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Virgin Hair Vendor What Wig Company Has The Best Virgin Hair Cheap Virgin Hair Wigs The Best Wholesale Companies For Virgin Hair Best virgin hair vendors. Knowing what

Dec 18, 2018 … Keep in mind that your hair can't be darker than light brown for these methods to … You can get blonde hair without bleach by using a high lift color. …. LIFT WISE I CAN USE ON DYED HAIR, LIGHT ASH VROWN NICE/EASY GIVES …. long and I 'm starting to get restless waiting for the virgin hair to grow out.

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First Time Getting Hair Dyed – Virgin Hair Transformation! (Beauty Trippin) Sep 11, 2016 … Here's what you need to know about bleaching your hair if you've … If you've never dyed your hair before, you will require less treatment. "We call it 'virgin hair, '" he explains. "It's much easier to lift and will basically require a completely … lighten up your natural hair with foils or painting, and then layer the …

Related Articles. Dye your hair with an ashy brown or blond color. This helps remove red tones in the hair and bring the color to a lighter, brighter shade. Although this will not lift the dark color completely, it does lift it slightly and the lighter colors make your hair appear much lighter overall than it actually is.

Hair Anatomy. Your hair is made of three parts: the medulla and the cortex (which are the inner parts of the hair shaft), and the cuticle (the scale-like protective covering).