Virgin hair is popular used in hair extensions since it's totally natural and healthy without any damage, which gives virgin hair a tender, beautiful and vibrant look. If you want to bleach your virgin hair, just remember to think twice before you leap as it will give a great damage to it.

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Open your bleach kit. Notice that you have a bottle of powder bleach, a bottle of liquid hydrogen peroxide, a plastic bleach bowl, a hair bleach brush and instructions. Read over the instructions thoroughly before bleaching your hair. Pour the powder bleach into the plastic bowl. Add a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide to the bleach.

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Hi everyone! Blonde is such a huge trend right now I thought I'd show you how to properly lighten your virgin hair extensions at home without causing damage!

How to Bleach Virgin Hair. First you should get a pair of throwaway gloves. Latex gloves are better since they fit your fingers well. Then get a full scoop of bleach powder and put it into the plastic bowl you’ve prepared and use the brush to mix it with hydrogen peroxide took by the measuring cup. Only a small amount of hydrogen peroxide is needed.

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