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Our Virgin Brazilian Closures are made up of 100% premium virgin hair, with beautiful, soft, thick strands and a natural luster. Our 4×4 lace closures are carefully handcrafted with a natural density and customizable lace giving you an undetectable, straight-from-your-scalp look when installed.

What is the difference between remy hair and virgin hair,you will know why their price is different?BECAUSE QUALITY IS DIFFERENT TOO.please check it: more…

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To some extent all hair must be processed to ensure that the cuticle is aligned in the same direction. Some companies claim to sell 100% remy hair, but are mixing anywhere between 10-40% Non-Remy hair into their packs. An expert in human hair can tell the difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair by touching it.

What is remy hair?What is 100 human hair?What is the difference between 100% human hair and remy hair?The major defference between human hair and remy hair is the cuticles.Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact unlike most other non-remy hair extensions.The majority of 100 human hair sold today is non-Remy hair.

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Jun 20, 2018 … Brazilian,Malaysian,Indian and Peruvian Hair are very popular four textures. Whenever you … Shop for UNice 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair.

Virgin vs Remy Hair vs 100% Human Hair (What the Differences Are) Feb 22, 2019 … Virgin hair and Remy hair both are 100% natural human hair. The difference is that the donor of Remy hair used to dye, perm or bleach his or …

Although Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair or other forms of hair named after south American countries Remy raw hair is not mixed with any synthetic fibres, animal hair , comb hair or leftover salon hair Raw hair is the highest quality of hair and is usually expensive. It is 100% unprocessed human hair…

The True glory keratin-enriched brazilian virgin hair is made up of 100% premium virgin hair that has been conditioned with our naturally-derived ProteinPlex ™ treatment to enhance the durability, longevity, and overall beauty of the hair.. All virgin hair, like your own natural hair, becomes damaged and dull over time due to everyday manipulation.

Special Effects Hair Dye Virgin Rose VIRGIN ROSE SPECIAL EFFECTS/HAIR; ›; Customer reviews …. My hair has been dyed beforehand with a red(for blondes) but it had faded to a copper